A No Good Way To Wake Up – Alexis Pope

The way the lines of A No Good Way To Wake Up break inevitably in the middle of a thought, only to more-or-less continue a short pause later reads like waking up feels, in a way—trying to organize disjointed recollections of what needs doing for the day, trying to distinguish the line between dream and waking.

I have heard / if you drink too much water you need  / more. Like sleep, everything we need & are told we get too much of. How can this be? I am notoriously bad at getting myself up in the morning; better than I used to be, definitely better than in worse personal times, but I’ve never been good at getting out of bed ever, possibly because I have also never been good at getting enough sleep. I don’t think it’s just me; this is a society obsessed with lifehacking ways around actually giving ourselves the things we need to live. The vitamins next to the bed so I can / remember — I go right from waking up to remembering all the things that need to be done, the things I haven’t done yet. The way the lines break in the middle feels like the way sometimes even in the course of ordinary day-to-day life it feels like there’s never a real break, only a moment to take a breath.

(Available in “No Good” published by H_ngm_n Books)

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